Louise & Daniel – Balmoral Beach Engagement

I absolutely loved catching up with Lou and Dan for their Balmoral Beach engagement in spring. I met Lou many years ago through one of my oldest friends. We stayed in touch here and there over the years and was delighted when she and her fiance Dan got in touch about their wedding plans. Lou & Dan had wanted to include locations in their engagement session (and wedding day) that had meaning to them both. They wanted locations that they often like to visit, show off the beauty of Sydney and where they have created their life together.

Balmoral Beach was the obvious choice for them; and I suggested we look to catch sunset at Bradley’s Head with the view back over Sydney Harbour. I always like to take our time with these shoots and aim to meet mid afternoon. This means we can shoot as the light changes, softens and ultimately finish as the sun sets. We had a beautiful spring day for the shoot and I love the photographs we were able to capture. I look forward to sharing their beautiful wedding at Gunners Barracks as well soon.

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Balmoral Beach Engagement

We photographed this Balmoral Beach engagement in spring. Balmoral Beach is a gorgeous beach that sits on Sydney Harbour on the lower north shore of Sydney. It has a couple of long stretches of beaches, as well as the jetty and harbour swimming pool. Featuring lots of lovely cafes and restaurants. There is also two fantastic wedding venues, the Bathers Pavillion and Public Dining Room. A great place for an engagement session, if timed well you can even have a swim at the end.

Engagement sessions are a lot of fun. It is a great way to get used to being in front of the camera. I am happy to help you pick a location for your engagement session. It could be a location with a special meaning for you. It could be a location that suits the style or look you want for your photographs. We simply wander around chatting and shooting. It is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon and capture some beautiful photos.

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  1. A really excellent set of photos that I’m sure these guys will treasure forever!

    I can’t wait to see what they get up to at their wedding!