Luke & Miia – Centennial Park Portrait Session on Film

Well.. it is ready. I have been so super stoked about the next couple of shares because I have been combining my love of film, with shooting people (in love..).

This is a mix, two rolls I shot during the wonderful Centennial Park Session I blogged in early November. Both rolls shot on my Mamiya 645AFD, the B&W I developed and scanned at home and I am very chuffed.. it personally really brings home full circle the  making of an image (shooting/developing/scanning/presenting).

Luke and Miia whilst not engaged or planning to marry in the near future, really wanted something to capture who they are (together and as individuals). I have had so much fun getting to know them both and enjoyed building our friendship and a set of images they love and capture a great series of moments in their lives together.

More film to come very soon. A shout out to Raw Digital Lab for the colour scans.

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  1. Hi this photos are amazing, did you shoot this with the 2.8 lens? Been contemplating if buying the mamiya afd with 2.8 80mm

    1. Jack Chauvel says:

      Hi Kurts, Yep all shot with the 80mm 2.8 and I also have the 55 2.8 now. Great pieces of glass, I highly recommend them.