When looking for a photographer I understand that it’s an overwhelming decision with hundreds of us out there. I always hope that I can shine a little of my own personality throughout my photos to show how much I truly care and love what I do. I know that many people may not even stumble across this page and my approach; but for those of you here then let me tell you what I am about.

Landscapes are a passion of mine and a big part of my style.

The natural and built landscape is beautiful thing and I love featuring them in my photographs. You pick your locations for good reason, and I love to make the most of them for you.

My style of photography is about telling a story.

I love to capture every celebration as it unfolds and as it naturally happens. I like to capture it in my own style, but let the story of the people and the celebration be told.


To me; love is love and I enjoy capturing all love stories equally.

The photos I capture are warm, fun and emotive.

I have fun whilst I shoot and capture people having an awesome time together. I am not a fly on the wall, I like to be involved on the day and be part of your wedding. I like to bring a lot of energy and passion to every celebration I photograph. This always sets the mood to allow awesome things to happen.

I have a very personable approach to my photography.

My approach is helping people feel comfortable so I can capture the day unobtrusively. I often walk away with clients as friends, that says it all really. Sometimes I may even let them spray me with champagne to get the shot.

I love to travel and document weddings around the world.

Even though I am an Australian Wedding Photographer; I love to travel to document weddings and elopements all over the world. I have been lucky enough to photograph amazing clients in Iceland, Croatia, England, Scotland, Italy, Bali and Fiji. Having said that there is no place like home. I have even put together a page including the best wedding venues across Australia to help you find the perfect venue.

You’ve got to be in it to win it.

So many amazing moments happen at every wedding. I love putting myself in the best position to capture them.

I’m all about documenting the day from start to finish.

Wedding days are long and full of moments. I have built my style and wedding collections around being there to capture your story in full. My photography coverage starts at 9 hours, and you can add time as needed for me to capture what is most important to you. If you want me to hang around and capture some photos with you and the stars, I am always keen to make it happen!

Photography is my passion.

There is nothing else I would rather be doing. When I am not capturing weddings I am still documenting the world around me. I am always learning and honing my craft. I love to bring this passion and commitment back into my weddings and elopements at every opportunity.

If you are drawn to my photographs and my approach resonates with you; then I would love to capture your story.