North Curl Curl Sunrise

Two weeks in a row.. almost unheard of for 2012. A little bit of personal work goes a long way to bringing me back down to earth. I am excited for the way the rest of this year will play out.. a couple of weddings in July.. before a wee break, a quick trip to Bali and rolling out the rest of the year with a schedule which is looking busy.

With my Calendar loaded in front of me.. I am currently in the mindset of ‘If I dont do it now, when will I?’. I am going to keep going with this idea until I cant stay awake no longer! So I tripped down again on Sunday to shoot the sunrise. A complete contrast to the week before, the weatherman lied to me this week.. 10% cloud cover? I think he misplaced a zero. Regardless of this, I have wanted to shoot North Curl Curl for a long time.. I have just always hoped that my first time would yield an epic result (and when I say epic result, I usually imply an epic sunrise sky). It was not to be.. but I still love the result.

North Curl Curl Sunrise Seascape

A 2:1 crop… which is not my usual but I feel this shot should be printed, and printed well. The crop suits a 1m x 0.5m canvas and I am going to re-crop a few other images so that I can create a series of prints of similar size that are available for purchase.

If you can picture this, or any one of my other photos printed on  your wall then just email [email protected] to discuss further.

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